In 2009, SEAF established two global facilities, the SEAF SME Debt Facility (SSDF), and the SEAF Global SME Facility (SGSF). These facilities enable SEAF and our partners to meet the financial needs of growing small businesses that would otherwise be unable to access essential growth capital. In the short term, the facilities will extend needed capital to companies in emerging markets impacted by the 2008 economic crisis and the subsequent lasting liquidity shortage. The global mandate of these facilities permits SEAF to invest this capital in the highest impact opportunities, without being limited to a specific region or sector. This has significant benefits by virtue of providing targeted SME lending across a diverse range of markets with a timely, efficient, and responsible approach. The two facilities will work in tandem to continue relationships with some of our existing portfolio companies, in addition to making new investments in promising SMEs in emerging markets around the world.

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Our Global Investment Vehicles

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Related Portfolio Companies

Location : Warsaw, Poland
Industry : Book Wholesaler and Retailer

SEAF has had a long-standing partnership with Matras. Since SEAF's first investment, the company has been able to expand to become the leading book wholesaler in Poland.

Location : Lima, Peru
Industry : Logistics Solutions Provider

This logistics company expanded its capacity to meet growing demand in an industry crucial to Peru’s economic expansion.

Location : Piura, Peru
Industry : Produce Packager and Exporter

The Peruvian produce packager and exporter expanded production lines, increasing revenue and generating year-round employment at the company and its suppliers.


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Top News

May 05, 2013
The Center for Entrepreneurship and Executive Development (CEED) launches new website


CEED launches its new website today. This is the result of over a year of hard work examining who and what we are, and how we can have the greatest impact on the entrepreneurial communities we create and develop.

July 12, 2012 Netherlands
SEAF Named as Sponsor of Fast5 Challenge for Entrepreneurship

SEAF is set to help sponsor an upcoming entrepreneurial competition in the Netherlands for small-and-medium sized enterprises.

September 06, 2011 Global Emerging Markets
SEAF Metrics Included in the First Annual IRIS Data Report

Featuring metrics from SEAF's global portfolio, IRIS's first annual data report covers 463 impact investing organizations across 58 countries that collectively reach nearly 8 million clients & employ over 23,000 permanent workers.

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