Our Development Impact Reports

Since 2004, we have been tracking the socioeconomic impact of our investments, disseminating our findings through a series of reports and fact sheets. Through case studies, metrics analysis and industry research, these reports demonstrate how small and medium enterprises (SMEs) generate stable employment opportunities in their local communities, serve as valuable links to regional and international markets for local suppliers, address market deficiencies and customer needs that would otherwise go unaddressed, and achieve other meaningful impacts as well. These finding and the growth of our impact investing performance are outlined in the documents below.



Impact Beyond Investment: SEAF's 2011 Development Impact Report

SMEs have long been recognized as engines of growth, mainly for their ability to create jobs.  Yet, based on SEAF’s more than two decades of investment in SMEs in frontier markets and more than ten years of analysis on the impact growing SMEs have on their economies, we believe that their importance is not sufficiently understood.  This report describes the channels through which SMEs achieve impact and seeks to demonstrate that SMEs in frontier markets provide a rich source for accelerating economic growth and, in the context of the recent global financial crisis, economic recovery.

Published : March 25, 2011
From Poverty to Prosperity

Understanding the Impact of Investing In Small and Medium Enterprises: Data Survey and Case Study Analysis of SEAF Investments

Published : October 01, 2007
The Development Impact of Small and Medium Enterprises - Volume 1

Lessons Learned from SEAF Investments

Volume I: Main Report

Published : July 01, 2004
The Development Impact of Small and Medium Enterprises - Volume 2

Lessons Learned from SEAF Investments

Volume II: Case Studies

Published : July 01, 2004

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