Central and Eastern Europe

Through its first investment fund launched in Poland in 1992, SEAF began working in Central and Eastern Europe shortly after the fall of the Berlin Wall. As newly independent economies began to emerge in the region, we started to expand our network of promising entrepreneurs. SEAF’s regional footprint has since spread from the Baltics (Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania), through Poland, Romania and the Balkans (Bulgaria, Croatia, Macedonia, and Serbia) to Georgia. Throughout the region, SEAF’s investment officers have sought out innovative entrepreneurs, providing them with investment capital and expert business assistance to help their companies grow and increase in value.


Seeking to lend additional support to entrepreneurs in the region, in 2005 SEAF, together with USAID, used investment returns from our funds to launch the first Center for Entrepreneurship and Executive Development (CEED) in Bulgaria. CEED has since expanded to Slovenia, Romania, Montenegro, Macedonia, Serbia, Poland and Kosovo, and provides entrepreneurs with business training and technical support through its network of CEED centers.

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Related Portfolio Companies

Location : Timisoara, Romania
Industry : Supermarket Chain

Artima is a supermarket chain that focuses on bringing reliable grocery stores to secondary cities in northwestern Romania.

Location : Sofia, Bulgaria
Industry : Ice Cream Producer

An ice cream distributor that acquired a production facility, Darko produces and sells high quality ice cream under its own brand name.

Location : Skopje, Macedonia
Industry : Publishing Company

Krug began as Macedonia’s only newspaper company independent from government influence. Today, it publishes the leading daily newspaper in the country.

Location : Poti, Georgia
Industry : Fishing and Anchovy Processing Company

Madai is the first Georgian anchovy fishing company in recent history to use its fishing license rather than leasing it out to foreign companies.


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Top News

May 20, 2013 Georgia
SEAF Fund Invests in Green Energy Power Plant in The Republic of Georgia

SEAF’s Caucasus Growth Fund Invests in Alazani II, a hydro power plant estimated to provide ample clean energy to Georgia.


May 14, 2013 Poland
SEAF Portfolio Company Matras wins Poland “Best of” award in Bookstore Chain category

SEAF Portfolio Company Matras S.A., a regional bookstore chain held by the SEAF North Fund, was given the Dobra Marka 2013 in the “Bookstore Chain” category.

December 22, 2012
SEAF and Globalturk Capital join forces to grow SMEs in Turkey

On December 20, 2012, Small Enterprise Assistance Funds (SEAF) and Globalturk Capital (Globalturk) have announced a partnership to discover and invest in qualified SMEs in Turkey.  The collaboration will focus on companies with strong business models and proven technologies, with goals to adapt their business throughout Turkey and beyond.  The partnership will make use of Globalturk’s experience in Turkey in tandem with SEAF’s global network and 20+ years of investing in emerging markets.

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