Latin America

In 2004, SEAF launched the Trans-Andean Early-Stage Fund (TAF), an umbrella fund to invest in small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in Latin America. TAF made direct investments in promising SMEs, in addition to supporting two country-specific funds—the Fondo Transandino Peru (FTP), and the Fondo Transandino Colombia (FTC), which were founded in 2004 and 2005 respectively. In 2008, as our original funds in the region became fully invested, SEAF sponsored two additional funds to further expand existing portfolio companies and to invest in new opportunities in Peru and Colombia. These new funds, the Latam Growth Fund and the Latam Peru Fund, enable SEAF to continue to extend essential expansion capital to SMEs in the region.

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Related Portfolio Companies

Location : Cota, Colombia
Industry : Fresh and Organic Herbs

Based in Colombia, Agroaromas and its subsidiary export, market, and distribute organic herbs to the U.S. SEAF helped the company expand their output in both Colombia and the international organic herb market.

Location : Puno, Peru
Industry : Eco-Tourism

This eco-tourism hotel chain built three new hotels with SEAF’s help and as it expands, AE promotes domestic tourism, opening a valuable window onto Andean culture.

Location : Pucallpa and Madre de Dios, Peru
Industry : Forestry and Environmental Services

A sustainable forestry company that trades in carbon credits and became a leader in the industry while simultaneously sustaining the forest of Peru’s Amazon region.

Location : Caraz, Peru
Industry : Clean Technology and Renewable Energy

Hidroelectrica, a clean-tech power plant, uses a technique that minimizes negative environmental impacts and sources its workforce from local communities.


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Top News

September 05, 2012 Peru
SEAF Funds Complete Exit from Peruvian Logistics Firm

Two SEAF managed funds completed their exit in a Peruvian logistics firm, Outsourcing S.A.C., this July.

June 13, 2012 Peru
SEAF Funds Complete Exit from Peruvian Hydropower Plant Investments

SEAF-managed funds sold their shares in a Peruvian hydro-electric power plant operator in February in the country's first strategic exit by a private venture capital company.

September 30, 2011 Colombia
The Deal Recognizes SEAF's Pioneering Role Introducing PE to Colombia

The Deal discusses the birth of private equity in Colombia, highlighting SEAF's trail blazing role in this movement, a variety of SEAF's deals in the country and the first close on its follow-on fund.

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