Our Impact

We invest in growth-oriented small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in emerging markets. Through our investments, we realize competitive returns for our investors while achieving a measurable socioeconomic impact in the communities in which we operate. Our investments across a diverse array of industries demonstrate the financial and development returns that are achievable through SME investment.

We measure our Impact first by creating a Theory of Change at the outset of the Fund, focusing on the results we aim to achieve through our investment and advisory work. We then measure, analyze, and improve our work, with input from all stakeholders involved as we look to maximize the affect of our activities.

Our Operational Results

Over the past two decades, SEAF has made more than 400 investments across 28 emerging markets totaling more than $640 million in invested capital (DEc. 2017). Through these investments, more than forty thousand jobs have been created and/or maintained, helping to fortify local communities and provide opportunities to people across the map. As we expand our capital base, we continue to seek out and invest in promising SMEs across a range of geographies and industries.

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Our Economic Impact

Our partnerships with growing SMEs generate positive impacts across multiple stakeholders in the markets in which we operate. Through case studies and an annual data survey, we track the impact metrics of our investments and disseminate our results through a series of development impact reports, portfolio company profiles, and socioeconomic indicators.
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