In December 2009, SEAF’s Fondo Transandino Colombia (FTC) invested a minority stake in a Colombian herb grower and distributor to provide the company with growth and expansion capital. Founded in 1996, Agroaromas exports fresh herbs around the world, with its primary market located in the U.S.

  • Region: Latin America
  • Location(s): Cota, Colombia
  • Investment Vehicle: Fondo Transandino Colombia
  • Industry: Fresh and Organic Herbs
  • Date of Initial Investment: Dec 2009
  • Type of Investment: Equity, Term Credit

Expanding Output

In 2003, it partnered with Infinite Herbs, as its exclusive distributor, to market and distribute herbs in the U.S. Since then, the company has become one of the top three fresh herb distributors in the country. Through the construction of three additional greenhouses and the remodeling of the packaging and processing plant, SEAF’s investment is allowing Agroaromas and Infinite Herbs to expand their output in both Colombia and the international organic herb market.

Benefits to the Local Community

In addition to the expected financial returns, SEAF’s investment is expected to both promote greater employment opportunities in the region surrounding Bogotá, and to strengthen the country’s international exports. Additionally, Agroaromas’ expanded production provides increased business to suppliers and greater impact on the government and community as a whole as the company contributes more to local taxes, infrastructure, and general wealth and opportunity in the region.