• Region: Asia
  • Location(s): Chengdu, China
  • Investment Vehicle: SEAF Sichuan SME Investment Fund
  • Industry: Producer and Distributor of Beef Snacks
  • Date of Initial Investment: Sep 2003
  • Type of Investment: Equity

BangBangWa produces beef snacks in modern packaging in China. The company primarily sources its ingredients from local farmers in the Sichuan province which provides these farmers with a reliable alternative to local markets where sales are made at much lower prices. As a result, BangBangWa serves as a bridge between local farmers and national consumers, connecting small-scale producers to a market that otherwise would likely be inaccessible.

The Need

In 2003, BangBangWa needed working capital to purchase new equipment (including an oven, boiler, pots, steam baking machine, and refrigerated storage). The company also needed financing to fund the promotional and advertising expenditures for the launch of a new line of vegetable snacks and to upgrade the company’s production facility in order to expand its capacity.

The Investment

In September 2003, SEAF Sichuan SME Investment Fund (SSIF) provided BangBangWa with financing through an equity investment.

The Impact

SEAF’s financial and technical assistance allowed BangBangWa to expand rapidly. In the first three years following SEAF’s investment, the company’s sales nearly quadrupled. In addition, the company grew from 48 full-time employees in 2002 to 480 full-time employees in 2010. Over the same time frame, the company expanded from selling their products in 200 stores to nearly 3,200 stores.

SEAF’s investment in BangBangWa also resulted in the improved working and sanitary conditions, thereby guaranteeing higher quality control and production efficiency while having a positive impact on the working environment for employees. Furthermore, BangBangWa attracted new retail customers as it opened contracts with Walmart, Carrefour, Ito Yokato, major Chinese airports, and other large retail chains. Bangbangwa now occupies a 40% market shares of beef snacks in the Sichuan province and a 12% market share nationwide. BBW has recently expanded into new product pipelines including beef variations and herbal food supplements.