In 2009, SEAF’s Georgia Regional Development Fund (GRDF) invested in Delta Comm Ltd., one of Georgia’s main suppliers and service providers of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT). Delta Comm was seeking financing to address the shortcomings of the existing Internet network infrastructure. In 2007, the company began construction on the Georgian Optical Network Project (GONET), an underground fiber optic cable network that will run throughout Georgia and will provide reliable Internet access to users. The company relied on GRDF financing to expedite the construction of the infrastructure through the purchase of additional equipment, vehicles and installation materials.

A Reliable Internet Option

With the company’s core businesses including hardware and software sales, software and systems development and implementation, and ICT consulting, Delta Comm is a partner of IBM, Microsoft, CISCO, Oracle and other leading ICT companies. Delta Comm provides individual consumers, businesses and the government with a reliable, secure and affordable high-speed Internet option throughout Georgia. With SEAF’s financing the company was able to rapidly develop its GONET project, completing the research and planning stages, and initiating the construction of various sections of the cable within the first year of investment.

Enabling Access to the Global Community

GONET is currently the only network in Georgia that provides backup Internet sources (from Turkey) and GPS-mapping of the network system, making Delta Comm a particularly attractive investment to SEAF and GRDF. In addition, Delta Comm’s nationwide development impact will be achieved by providing Georgians with higher-quality access to the Internet. By expanding the quality and accessibility of Internet and telecom in Georgia, the GONET project will enable more individuals and businesses to participate in the global economy, regardless of their location, and will have a major developmental, social and economic impact on the country in general.