Just before the fierce war with Serbia in 1991, local Croatian entrepreneurs established DOK-ING Ltd. to sell, install, and service satellite television and video systems, as well as other technical devices used by Croatian police. As the war in Croatia escalated, the owners were unsettled by the increasing prevalence of landmines being seeded throughout their country. From 1991 to 1995, an estimated 2 million mines covered almost 8% of Croatia. In 1996, to address the need for land mine management and removal in their country, DOK-ING’s owners began to research and develop a remote controlled Anti-Mine Vehicle (AMV) that could locate and detonate landmines. Since then, DOK-ING has improved the design and performance of its AMV, and introduced additional anti-mine, fire-fighting and underground mining vehicles.

  • Region: Central and Eastern Europe
  • Location(s): Zagreb, Croatia
  • Investment Vehicle: SEAF Croatia
  • Industry: De-mining Services and Equipment
  • Date of Initial Investment: Jan 2001
  • Type of Investment: Equity, Term Credit

Growing to Meet Increasing Demand

As orders increased, DOK-ING was unable to meet demand, due to a lack of working capital and the small production capacity of the company at the time. At that crucial crossroads in the company’s development, SEAF Croatia invested a combination of debt and equity in DOK-ING, enabling the company to fulfill its pending contracts and build additional machines for new customers in Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and South Africa, effectively expanding its reputation and officially launching the company onto the international stage as a premier anti-mine vehicle producer.

Modernizing Land Mine Detection and Removal

Transitioning from the dangerous practice of individuals probing for mines with sticks to a completely remote controlled vehicle removal system, DOK-ING effectively modernized land mine detection and removal in Croatia after the war. Now the largest commercial humanitarian de-mining company in Southeastern Europe, DOK-ING has actively cleared more than 50 million square meters of land and destroyed over 130,000 mines across Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and Serbia. Five years after its investment, SEAF Croatia exited DOK-ING through a management buy-out.