In 2007, Inverdesa, the primary health club operator in Colombia, approached SEAF’s Fondo Transandino Colombia (FTC) for financing to launch an ambitious expansion plan. Through its partnership with SEAF, Inverdesa expanded its presence in Colombia and launched in neighboring Perú through the acquisition of a local club and the development of new gym locations. In addition, SEAF provided the company with extensive business assistance to develop its brand and marketing strategy for the Peruvian market.

  • Region: Latin America
  • Location(s): Bogota, Colombia
  • Investment Vehicle: Fondo Transandino Colombia
  • Industry: Health Club and Fitness Center Chain
  • Date of Initial Investment: Jul 2007
  • Type of Investment: Equity

Expanding Into Perú

With SEAF’s help, Inverdesa expanded its operations to Perú in October 2008 with the acquisition of Gym El Polo in Lima. To ensure the company’s successful launch in the Peruvian market, SEAF provided Inverdesa with assistance in its financial evaluations and analysis, the hiring of key personnel, and the preparation of acquisition proposals. Inverdesa has since opened an additional facility in Lima, Perú and 14 new clubs in Colombia. In 2010, 4 new clubs were launched in Pereira, Cali, Medellín, and at the U.S. Embassy in Bogotá.

Streamlining Operations

The health club chain’s expansion has provided the company with market access to better infrastructure, equipment, and related health services such as nutrition, clinical testing, and physiotherapy programs. SEAF’s investment helped Inverdesa to streamline and expand its operations, achieving coverage in 10 cities through 39 facilities across Colombia and Perú.

A Competitive Edge

SEAF has also contributed to Inverdesa’s image and credibility, helping the health club operator dodge the financial crisis and continue membership sales at a time when nonessential personal services, such as gym memberships, regularly experience contractions in sales. Inverdesa’s impressive domestic growth and Peruvian expansion despite the economic turmoil are testament to SEAF’s beneficial partnership, the company’s strong business plan and competitive edge, and consumers’ high demand for their services.