Outsourcing S.A.C. (Outsourcing) is a Peruvian logistics company incorporated in 2000. Outsourcing facilitates international business in Perú by providing “tailor-made” logistical support to domestic sellers and international import companies. The integrated services that Outsourcing provides include: transportation and reception of products, inventory storage, preparation of orders and physical distribution. The company’s storage solutions and information services help companies navigate the customs process in Perú and distribute their products throughout the country. Outsourcing has two subsidiaries companies: Outsourcing Ecuador, which provides logistic services in Ecuador, and Outsourcing Aduanas, which provides custom services in Perú.

The Need

By 2007, Outsourcing was operating from two rented warehouses. However, due to the company’s rapid and continuous growth, these warehouses proved too small for its operations, and lack of warehouse space became a major growth bottleneck. The company needed financing to construct a larger warehouse facility with the necessary fixtures.

The Investment

In 2008, SEAF made its first investment in the company through its Fondo Transandino Perú (FTP). In addition to providing working capital, the financing allowed the firm to build a larger distribution warehouse and invest in storage racks to maximize its capacity. In 2010, SEAF provided Outsourcing with additional financing through it SEAF SME Debt Facility (SSDF). Outsourcing used SEAF’s second investment to purchase its previously leased warehouse property and reconfigure the warehouse’s storage space to meet international demand. The company also purchased new equipment, including trucks and trailers, to aid in its expansion.

The Impact

With the injection of capital, the company expanded its warehouse capacity to meet growing demand for its services in an industry that is crucial to Perú’s development of a modern commercial economy. In addition to significantly expanding the company’s capacity and operations, SEAF’s financing has generated a positive impact on Outsourcing’s employees by increasing their wages, increasing the overall local workforce, and providing training in new technologies to existing staff to improve their value to Outsourcing and future employers. Outsourcing CEO Guillermo Wiese Granda said of its relationship with SEAF, “We see this as a positive benefit for our company, our international partners and the Peruvian economy overall.”

A Completed Exit

In June 2012, SEAF’s FTP sold its 53 percent shareholding in Outsourcing Peru to Guillermo Wiese, the founder of the company, and SEAF completely exited the company in May 2013.