PC Centar

PC Centar, located in Belgrade, Serbia, approached SEAF in 2007 for working capital to expand its business by increasing its product and service offerings. SEAF’s South Balkan Fund then provided PC Centar with two tranches of equity financing, disbursed in 2007 and 2008. The capital financed the expansion of the company’s operations, the improvements in the company’s sales training center, and financed the working capital to meet the demand in both hardware and software products and services.

An Industry Leader

With SEAF’s assistance, PC Centar has become one of the leading IT distributors in Serbia, offering wholesale, retail sale, production, and servicing of Asus, Nec, Altec Lansing, Mustek, and Sweex products, among many others. The company’s business model is based on efficient supply chain management, strong relationships with its suppliers and customers, and effective distribution strategy. With SEAF’s help, PC Centar met its working capital needs, trained employees, and financed its restructuring efforts.

Increasing Market Share

PC Centar concluded the 2009 year with positive results despite the market slowdown. Year-end results showed that, although the industry contracted as a whole in Serbia, PC Centar was able to increase its market share relative to its competitors. Even with the difficult market situation, between 2007 and 2009, PC Centar increased the number of employees it trained internally from 20 to 50 and achieved an increase in domestic consumers.

Better Positioned for the Future

Furthermore, thanks to SEAF’s support, the company has adapted a pro-active management mindset and thus was able to adapt to the market changes. In June 2010, it merged with Telephant, SEAF’s smaller portfolio company, which operated in a complementary market segment. This all has led to a more efficient business model for PC Centar, better positioning the company for the future.