In 2006, SEAF invested in Refinancia S.A., a purchaser and manager of non-performing loans (NPLs) focused on the consumer credit market in Colombia.

  • Region: Latin America
  • Location(s): Bogota, Colombia
  • Investment Vehicle: Fondo Transandino Colombia
  • Industry: Purchaser and Manager of Charged-off Consumer Receivable Portfolios
  • Date of Initial Investment: Nov 2006
  • Type of Investment: Mezzanine, Term Credit

Expanding Coverage

Refinancia purchases distressed consumer debt portfolios from Colombian banks and focuses on a commercial-oriented collection strategy. Since SEAF’s investment, Refinancia has expanded coverage from Bogotá to five other cities in Colombia and recently opened a majority-owned subsidiary in Perú. The company today employees over 500 people in Colombia and 25 in Perú.

Providing Clients with Access to the Credit Market

With SEAF as a partner, the company has planned and executed strategic decisions that have contributed to Refinancia’s growth and knowledge in risk management, translating into significant revenues and profit growth for the company. Furthermore, the company has over 350,000 clients, to whom it provides access to the credit market, supporting them in the normalization of their overdue obligations through payment solutions tailored to their specific needs.

In July 2001, Antone Gonsalves of highlighted Refinancia’s work in “Refinancia Applies Charm to Debt Collection in Latim America.” To read this article, click here.