Sun Farm was founded in 1990 as a manufacturer of generic drugs in Poland. Sun Farm is the leading producer of Acesan, a drug similar to aspirin, used to treat minor aches and pains. The company now also manufactures dietary supplements and drugs for treating hyperthyroidism and cholesterol.

The Need

In the 1990s, Sun Farm suffered from a lack of diversity in its product line. Looking to expand into a leading producer of generic drugs in Poland, the fledgling company approached SEAF for help restructuring a loan and for general business assistance.

The Investment

SEAF recognized that Sun Farm could leverage its industry expertise to identify new products for distribution. In 1994, CARESBAC Polska made an investment in the company. The majority of the loan was used to restructure the existing debt while the remainder went towards the purchase of some light equipment and expanding Sun Farm’s marketing system. In addition, SEAF worked with Sun Farm to streamline its inventory system, improve its operation systems, and create an effective and specific marketing strategy.

The Impact

With SEAF’s help, Sun Farm has since broadened its production of drugs and dramatically increased its revenues. In 1998, the company introduced Trimesan, a medication used to treat urinary tract infections. This antibacterial drug, universally used in Western Europe, did not yet have an equivalent on the Polish market prior to its introduction by Sun Farm.

Over the life of the investment, Sun Farm continued to introduce a variety of other new drugs, including a drug for hyperthyroidism, an anti-hangover product, and a drug that reduces cholesterol. In 2006, Sun Farm also began to produce dietary supplements.

A Completed Exit

In 2007, SEAF made a successful exit from the company after helping Sun Farm diversify its product line and achieve impressive profits.