When SEAF first invested in 2005, Sunshine Exports (Sunshine) was a small Peruvian produce exporter focused on providing high-quality products at competitive prices. At the time of investment, Sunshine packaged and sold fresh mangos from local farmers to international markets. Since then, SEAF has made multiple investments in the family-run business through its Fondo Transandino Perú, SME Debt Facility, and Global SME Facility. With SEAF’s help, Sunshine expanded its product line and introduced two new processing facilities that add value to its exports. This growth generated new employment and increased profits for the company and its network of local farmers.

Expanding Capacity, Production, and Products

SEAF’s first investment in 2005 allowed Sunshine to expand its existing fresh mango packing plant capacity by 40% and to construct a frozen fruit processing facility that extended its production season and increased its year-round workforce. In addition, SEAF’s investment permitted Sunshine to accept 100% of harvested produce including previously discarded imperfect fruit, which is now used for packaged products. Finally, SEAF’s financing helped Sunshine expand its production line through the introduction of pineapples and avocados.

Generating Year-Round Employment

In a region with high poverty, Sunshine’s growth generated year-round and seasonal employment at the company and local farms. Employment in the region is predominately agricultural and seasonal, and families often struggle to earn an income between harvests. Sunshine’s transition into a multi-product fruit processing company nearly doubled its workforce to 3,000 employees during high season (including employment at its processing plants and local farms) and increased business for its over 450 small-holder farmers.

Supporting the Local Community

In addition to employment opportunities and access to international markets for local farmers, Sunshine actively supports the education, health and development of its local community. In 2005, the company started the construction of a water treatment plant that now provides clean water for crop irrigation. Sunshine also promotes sustainable farming practices among more than 450 small producers through training in managerial matters, technical assistance in production, and partial financing of organic certification costs. Finally, Sunshine organizes social activities for farmers’ families and communities through summer schools, visual arts, holiday events, and education on gender equality, health and sanitation, global issues and the environment.

Maintaining a Loyal Supply Base

As a result of Sunshine’s involvement in local communities, the company has been able to grow and retain its loyal supply base, positioning it for further sustainable growth and ensuring continued positive impacts in the local communities.