SEAF Appointed as General Partner and Manager of Southeast Europe Equity Fund II

May 16, 2017

Washington, DC- SEAF announces its appointment, through wholly-owned affiliates, as the General Partner and Investment Manager of the Southeast Europe Equity Fund II, L.P. and affiliated vehicle (“SEEF II”). SEEF II is a $320 million, 2006 vintage private equity fund that made control and significant-minority equity investments in companies operating in Southeast Europe and Turkey. The current portfolio of six majority-owned investments are located in Turkey, Romania, Albania, and Kosovo, and reflect SEEF II’s activity in the healthcare, financial services, and telecommunications and media sectors. SEAF and its team in the region will oversee the continued development of the portfolio and manage the realization process.

About SEAF

SEAF is an SEC-registered impact investment fund manager, investing risk capital and providing business support to growth-oriented companies in frontier and emerging markets. Founded in 1989, SEAF seeks to deliver both financial returns and positive social impact for investors. SEAF has managed over 35 investment funds and vehicles across 27 countries since its founding. SEAF also operates the Centers for Entrepreneurship and Executive Development – CEED – an entrepreneur-focused network that provides advisory, mentoring, and networking opportunities across 13 global locations. and

For more information on SEAF or SEEF II, please contact David Mathewson at or +1-202-737-8463.