SEAF Invests in Healthy Alternative Fast Food Chain

SEAF India Agribusiness Fund has successfully invested in Guha Roy Food Joints and Hotel Private Ltd., a restaurant chain that delivers healthy, affordable take-out meals, sourced from local producers, to a growing fast food-focused middle class in Eastern India.

Central Kolkata, India – SEAF India Agribusiness Fund (“SEAF India Agri.”) has invested in Guha Roy Food Joints and Hotel Private Ltd. (“Guha Roy”), a restaurant chain operator serving specialty Indian dishes under the brand name “Only Ali Baba” which caters to a growing fast food consumer market in Eastern India.

Guha Roy opened its first restaurant in June 2008 in Central Kolkata, and, within a span of 5 years, successfully created a leading Mughlai & Indian cuisine brand, known for using healthy alternatives, such as cholesterol free oil instead of the usual animal fat. “Only Alibaba” is the first chain in India using cholesterol free oil to deliver healthy & tasty food to its customers.   The investment will aid “Only AliBaba” in its expansion efforts as the company seeks to grow healthy food options for the local communities.

“With the rise of disposable income and middle class, as well as the rise of an ‘eating-out culture,’ Guha Roy stands on the threshold of becoming a well-known brand spanning beyond their current scope of Eastern India due to their innovative, high-quality products and incomparable customer service,” says Partha Choudhury, Managing Director, SEAF India Agribusiness.

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