INVEST East Africa

Launched in 2015 in coordination with USAID and MEDA, INVEST East Africa is a multi-party program working to invest in and advise entrepreneurs in the East Africa Community. Initially focusing on Tanzania and Kenya, the program will expand efforts to Uganda, Rwanda, and Burundi in the coming years. The goal of the program is to facilitate economic growth in East Africa by attracting investment to small and medium enterprises (SMEs) that contribute to cross border trade among EAC members (particularly but not exclusively in the agricultural sector).

SEAF, along with MEDA, will combine their experience and capacities to promote dynamic growth in East Africa through capacity building of targeted SMEs, improved access to capital and the expansion of regional trade. The partners will: build an East Africa investment fund that attracts new investors; work with fund managers, USAID agriculture and trade projects and associated missions, business associations and chambers of commerce to identify a pool of trade-related SMEs for investment; support the development of SMEs through a range of technical assistance; and ensure that technical assistance packages are optimally designed for sustainability and innovation while de-risking investment opportunities.

How to get involved:


If you are interested in providing investment capital to the program, contact Robert Vodicka for SEAF Flex Fund information.


Qualifying entrepreneurs will be: located in an EAC member country, operating a business engaged in, or with the potential to engage in, cross-border trade; active in agribusiness or other impact sectors; strong track record and management team. If your enterprise fits this general criteria, contact SEAF for more details.

Service Providers:

Organizations active in entrepreneurship development, networking, technical assistance, and more are invited to connect with SEAF to promote participation throughout the community.