SEAF Colombia Agribusiness Fund

In April 2015, SEAF launched its third impact investing fund in Colombia – the SEAF Colombia Agribusiness Fund (SCAF)- to invest risk capital instruments in small and medium enterprises (SMEs). In particular, the fund partners with local entrepreneurs in the agribusiness and food sectors, particularly those in rural Colombia, resulting in productivity gains, sustainable growth, lower waste, and increased employment while earning substantial returns to investors and social impact to the greater community.  The Fund is based out of Bogota and led by Mauricio Samper, an experienced agribusiness investor.

Previously in 2004, SEAF launched the Trans-Andean Early-Stage Fund (TAF), an umbrella fund to invest in SMEs in Latin America. TAF made direct investments in promising SMEs and supported the creation of Fondo Transandino Colombia (2005), the first Colombian private equity fund. In 2008, SEAF’s original funds in the region became fully invested, prompting SEAF to sponsor two additional funds to expand existing portfolio companies and to invest in new opportunities in the country. These new funds, including MAS SEAF, enabled SEAF to continue extending expansion capital to SMEs in the region.

Colombia boasts the third largest economy in Latin America and is home to an open, diversified economy. Though the Colombian agribusiness sector is under-developed, an enormous opportunity exists to improve agribusiness practices in country to reach their full potential through investments in technology, infrastructure, and best practices at the SME level. This includes improvement in cold chain storage, transportation, warehousing, and exporting.

Furthermore, as peace negotiations progress following a fifty-year long conflict, SCAF will prioritize investing in SMEs which directly impact rural Colombia and the most vulnerable population groups. In doing so, SCAF investments will aid the reconstruction of social tissues and contribute to the peace and stability of the post-conflict process. Currently, the SCAF investment pipeline includes an organic pesticide producer, fruits and vegetables processing and distribution company, cacao producer, pineapple distributor, and exotic fruit distributor.

  • Region: Latin America
  • Location(s): Colombia
  • Status: Fund Raising
  • Committed Capital: $17.1 Million
  • Investor(s): United States Agency for International Development (USAID); SEAF
  • Managing DirectorMauricio Samper