Asif Mahmood

Mr. Asif Mahmood has recently joined SEAF as Managing Director for SEAF Bangladesh Ventures. He has joined SEAF BV as one of the Key Person to manage the PPCR (Climate Resilience) Fund that SEAF has raised for SEAF Bangladesh Ventures and will be contributing to develop the Private Equity and Venture Capital sector, which is at a nascent stage in Bangladesh.

Mr. Mahmood is the founder and Chairman of ADN Group, which is one of the largest ICT and technology-based business organizations in Bangladesh. He has 26 years of hands on experience in ICT and technology through his numerous start-ups, all of which have achieved success and are now corporations. He holds a B.Sc. in Engineering from NIT, India.

Mr. Mahmood is among the pioneers of ICT-based business in Bangladesh, starting his first venture in 1990. His passion and vision for ICT has made inroads for many global technology giants like Cisco and Sun Microsystems (Oracle) into Bangladesh. He built the crucible of the country’s first generation of IT engineering workforce in early 90’s.

He has been active in several trade bodies and ICT associations in the country. An active member of Dhaka Chamber of Commerce & Industry (DCCI), and Korea-Bangladesh Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KBCCI) as well as member of Internet Service Providers’ Association of Bangladesh (ISPAB). He is also one of the key person forming the Wireless Internet Broadband Association (WIBA) and Bangladesh Association of Call Centre & Outsourcing (BACCO).

Currently, in addition to his role with ADN Group, he also chairs the Board of Trustees of Good Heal Trust that works with the development of healthcare in Bangladesh and Centre for Media & Development Trust that promote the social development in the country and to promote capacity building of media institutions and media professionals.

Asif Mahmood

Managing Director

SEAF Bangladesh Ventures