Esben Emborg

Mr. Emborg is a managing principal of SEAF’s Georgia Regional Development Fund (GDRF). He has 17 years in top corporate management, 11 years of which he spent in the Caucasus region. His relationship with SEAF began with his membership on the board of Directors for GRDF in 2007.

Mr. Emborg has been active in the Caucasus since 1999, when he served as Regional CEO for Cadbury Schweppes. In late 2001, Mr. Emborg took the position of Regional CEO for Nestle SA, a position he held until 2008. Under Mr. Emborg’s leadership, Nestle’s regional presence grew to more than seven times its size. Before joining SEAF in 2009, Mr. Emborg was the CEO of SKA Capital, a Caucasus-based investment fund, that was forced to exit the region due to financial pressures from the international recession. During his career in the Caucasus, Mr. Emborg has managed more than 300 people, been the President of the American Chamber of Comerce, and served as a board member of the EU Business Council.

As a Danish Citizen, Mr. Emborg has represented the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs as the Danish Consul General to Georgia since 2000. Before Mr. Emborg came to the Caucasus he served as Regional Director for Kongskilde Industries at their office in Malaysia with the responsibility for the South East Asian market in 1997 and 1998. Prior to that Mr. Emborg worked for four years as Project Manager and Head of the emergency response team at Gram Hansen Holding with headquarters in Copenhagen. At Gram Hansen, Mr. Emsborg spent most of his time in the field securing delivery to clients and implementing programs in war-torn and disaster-stricken countries in regions like Africa and the Balkans.

Mr. Emborg, graduated with a BA from the Copenhagen Business School. During his career, he has taken several marketing and management programs at the IMD MBA program in Lausanne, Switzerland. Mr. Emborg is fluent in English, German, French and Russian, as well as his native language Danish.

Managing Director

Georgia Regional Development Fund