Hector Cateriano

Hector Cateriano has over a decade of private equity investment experience in emerging markets (Asia, Central and Eastern Europe, and Latin America) with SEAF. Mr. Cateriano is SEAF’s Managing Director for its Colombian fund (Fondo Transandino Colombia), the pioneer private equity fund investing in Colombian small and medium enterprises (SMEs). Since he started for SEAF in Colombia in 2006, Mr. Cateriano has completed the fund’s investment cycle with five investments in the financial, health, hospitality, oil services and agribusiness sectors.

Mr. Cateriano also served as the Director for SEAF’s India Growth Fund and SEAF’s India International Growth Fund. He represented SEAF’s team in its relationship with Kotak Mahindra´s Bank (Kotak) Private Equity Area, a leading private bank in India, where he helped in structuring and closing the partnership with the bank in order to launch a common private equity fund. After successfully establishing the partnership, Mr. Cateriano collaborated with Kotaks’ Private Equity Head of Investment and H. J. van der Vaart, SEAF’s CEO at the time and now its Executive Chairman, to raise a USD 160 million investment fund for India. Mr. Cateriano was also part of the team that closed the fund’s first transactions, committing in the process approximately 30 percent of the total amount raised. Such investments encompassed industries such as agricultural biotechnology, software development, computational biotechnology, machine tool manufacturing, textile manufacturing, among others.

Mr. Cateriano also served as the Estonian Director of SEAF’s Baltic Small Equity Fund (BSEF). BSEF specializes in growth-oriented investments in the three Baltic countries.

Before joining BSEF, Mr. Cateriano was a Fund Director to FAPE, a SEAF managed fund in Peru, where he started his career in private equity.

Mr. Cateriano holds an MBA from Escuela de Administracion de Negocios para Graduados (ESAN), Peru, and a B.S. in business from Catholic University of Arequipa, Peru. He is also a graduate of the Venture Capital Institute, USA. He has been an active participant in the Small Medium Enterprise Institute, an organization specializing in knowledge sharing among SME finance practitioners.

Hector Cateriano

Managing Director

Fondo Transandino Colombia