SEAF Mission/Vision/Values


The SEAF Mission: Improving lives and communities through Entrepreneur-led Development.


We envision a world where entrepreneurs anywhere have the capital, tools and support they need to improve the economy, their communities, and the environment.


What we value – in the World, in our Work, and within SEAF.

Focus on the Mission: Our primary focus is SEAF’s Mission – the desire to change lives for the better through investing in entrepreneurs is the key guidestar for anything we do, and how we do it as efficiently as possible (scale, returns to investor, professionalism, and controls). This includes valuing highly our work environment, our families and our health.

Ambition & Excellence: We are ambitious in our targets when pursuing our Mission. We strive for excellence in how we do things, and take pride in work well done.

Honesty & Good Judgement: We are ruthlessly honest – to our investors, investees, partners – and to ourselves. We value good judgment, a sense of perspective, and take smart risks.

Respect & Forgiveness: We respect the people we work with, across our global network and in whom we invest. We respect each other by valuing other people’s dedication, effort and time, and by giving our best to everything we do. Because we trust each other, we forgive each other when things don’t go as planned.

Leadership & Accountability: We value leadership, not as an expression of rank but as a service – to our cause, our stakeholders and to each other. We take responsibility and are accountable to our colleagues and the business as a whole. We also realize that being proactive in communicating problems or potential problems—especially where we have prepared a potential set of solutions—is critical. We will not let problems fester unknown to the other team members but communicate them as soon as we are aware of them so that we can solve them together.

Empowerment & Full Potential: Through our work, we know that talent is universal, while opportunity is not evenly distributed. We believe that – in the right environment – every committed person can make an amazing contribution to an important cause. We strive to create this environment across all our work and take joy in the growth of our people and partners, especially in the realization of their full potential.

Inclusiveness: Every team member’s perspective and contribution is valuable and will be heard, where possible and appropriate. At the same time, we acknowledge the necessity to be decisive and act, and resolve to fully support decisions which have been taken collectively.

Joy & Sense of Humor: We take pride and joy in our work, and in the sense of shared purpose it creates. Setbacks and tensions will be part of our work – seeing the funny side in this and sharing a laugh together is our preferred way of airing the frustration we will encounter.